Create your own music video with Deforum

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a musician looking to expand your creative horizons, or simply a music lover eager to explore the visual dimension of sound with the help of Deforum. My three-week course offers you an exciting opportunity to unlock your creative potential in the realm of music-video production with the help of Stable Diffusion.

Course Highlights

Music Meets Imagery: As a professional musician with in-depth knowledge about Stable Diffusion I will help you bridge the gap between music and visual artistry. You’ll discover how to translate the essence of music into captivating imagery using Deforum.

Stable Diffusion Basics: We’ll lay the foundation by delving into the fundamentals of Stable Diffusion. Prompt manipulation, choosing the right models and making generated images ready for publishing are a few of the things we’ll revise. Through hands-on exercises and live-demonstrations, you’ll gain insights into the intricacies of this powerful tool and how it then translates images into videos with Deforum.

Visual Storytelling: The heart of this course lies in crafting compelling narratives for music videos. We’ll explore the art of storytelling in music and learn how to create videos that complement the music best with the  latest advancements in visual AI creation.

Feedback: At the end of every lesson you’ll receive an assignment to put your new-found knowledge to the test and throughout the 3-week course, I will always be available for feedback and questions.

Parseq and Deforum: Learn the basics of Parseq and how it integrates perfectly as a separate UI for Deforum allowing for smooth transitions, zooms, pans, tilts and a lot more control overall.

Hands-On Experience: Using a carefully chosen song excerpt, you’ll craft your own 15-30 second mini-music video. All students’ creations will be showcased (upon your consent) for feedback and inspiration!

Storytelling: In the final lesson we’ll dig deeper into storytelling by breaking down a song and learn how to dissect the song into its part, choose the right models, and create captivating imagery for your projects.

Requirements: All you need for this course is a computer that has access to the internet, no pre-installations necessary, as we’ll be using RunDiffusion; an amazing pay-as-you-go service that always has the latest version and features of Stable Diffusion installed. No need for a powerful computer and vast amount of disk space!

In case something is still unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact me via

Pricing & dates

The three-week course contains the following:
– 3x 2.5-hour online lessons divided over 3 weeks
– Feedback and help over the full 3-week duration of the course
– Recorded video from the lesson after it has taken place
– Access to a group server of Stable Diffusion on RunDiffusion during the lessons*

Enrolling in this course costs $300,- (USD) and can be paid via bank transfer. Every course will contain a maximum of 5 students so there’s enough space for everyone to ask questions, showcase their creations and receive feedback.

Dates & times
When enrolling in the course you’ll be asked for your general availability; as students can be from all parts of the world, I’ll set a separate time and day for every iteration of the course to accommodate your schedule best!

*: It’s very beneficial to create your own account with some balance on it so that you can work on your projects outside of course-times! Don’t worry, it’s very cheap! Just head on over to RunDiffusion to check out their pay-as-you-go prices.