The seemingly bottomless melancholy experienced when life ruthlessly pulls you down opposed to the lavish bliss at euphoria’s peak are two feelings of similar magnitude, yet quite different in color and intention. FUMAGE’s music can push you in both directions, hence exploring a large spectrum of emotions and shadings. With great certainty, it will not leave any listener indifferent.

Three musicians who have bathed in a variety music since their youngest age, serendipitously met at a cross-European project and decided to walk off the beaten path to create a new sonic landscape outrunning the requisitions of any category. Analog synths and drum machines are spliced to driving guitar riffs and raw drums, thus accompanying a voice of great honesty to provide a wide variety of unique songs. Wandering in the footsteps of Dirty Projectors, James Blake and Grizzly Bear, FUMAGE’s compositions thrive from a large musical background and materialize at the same time a certain accessibility as well as a hint of lush, well-hidden complexity.

FUMAGE recorded their first EP with Grammy Nominated producer Attie Bauw. Their first single ATTITUDE is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms!

Yuri Rhodenborgh – Vocals / Electric Guitar
Pol Belardi – Drums / Synthesizer / Pianet / Backing Vocals
Angelo Boltini – Live Electronics / Bass / Synthesizer / Backing Vocals

Redbourg Group
We are in search of the boundaries of modern jazz and classical music, finding our inspiration in nature. In 2018 we released our debut “Traelanipan”. This EP was named after an enormous sea cliff in the Faroe Islands, which was the source of inspiration for Yuri to write the title track of the EP. Music full of unexpected turns. Rich in classical harmony, floating melodies and ripping guitar lines.
On the 17th of April 2020 we will release our debut album BRIDGE THE GAP!
Pre-order it on Bandcamp! Here your can also listen to the single that was released on the 3rd of April 2020!
For more info, keep an eye on this page or like our official Facebook-page.

Yuri Rhodenborgh – Electric Guitar
Koen Smits – Trumpet
Wietse Voermans – Alto Saxophone
Lucas Martínez Membrilla – Tenor Saxophone
Marijn van de Ven – Upright Bass
Denis Baeten – Drums

Ara Sextet ft Bojan Z
A pan-European band that originated from a collaboration they did for Criss Cross Europe 2019.

Bojan Z – Rhodes
Pol Belardi – Vibraphone & Synth
Kirke Karja – Piano
Yuri Rhodenborgh – Electric Guitar
Anneleen Boehme – Double Bass
Mathieu Penot – Drums

Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest ft Ruben Hein
A 2-year project that consists of an 18-piece bigband and artistic director & frontman none other than Ruben Hein.
Listen to the EP we released in January 2020 HERE!