Photo by Eve Saar

Yuri Rhodenborgh is Rotterdam-based guitar player, feeling comfortable in genres from jazz to rock. Kurt Rosenwinkel, Julian Lage, Maurice Ravel and Olivier Messiaen are some of his biggest sources of inspiration, which makes him a versatile player with a broad interest in all different types of music.

Inspired by his cousin, Rhodenborgh started playing guitar at the age of 13. Quickly music became his obsession and at the age of 15 he was sure he would pursue a carreer in music. He then got two years of individual lessons from Martin Jagt, who schooled Yuri in jazz. Directly when he finished highschool, aged 17, he got accepted to the conservatory of Tilburg and started his four year study of jazz guitar in September 2012. He finished this bachelor study in September 2016, after which he started his Masters degree which he finished in 2018.

During his Master studies, Rhodenborgh moved to Rotterdam to get acquainted with the music scene there. Since then he’s played with renowned musicians such as Stefan Lievestro, Hans van Oosterhout, Rob van Bavel and many more. In 2019 Yuri was selected to join the prestigious Criss Cross Europe Tour together with Bojan Z, Anneleen Boehme, Pol Belardi, Kirke Karja and Mathieu Penot. After a successful tour the musicians decided to continue the band under the name Ara Sextet.

Yuri Rhodenborgh is also bandleader of the Redbourg Group and guitar-player in the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest ft Ruben Hein.